Viet Nam’s AIP is delivered to the customer in:

  • Paper format;
  • Electronic version (via AIS Website).

To see detailed description about AIP – 5TH EDITION, please access here.

To see AIP – 5TH EDITION, please access as the procedure described below:

  • Step 1: Click on the link" "AIP - 5th edition";
  • Step 2: Enter the granted "Username" and "Password". Click "Login".
  • Step 3: Continue clicking on the link as instructed.
  • Step 4: Click on the AIP link with the latest publication date in the "Currently effective issue"

The whole AIP Viet Nam (tab AIP) and the latest AIP AMDT (tab AMDT) shall be shown.

Amendments to the AIP Viet Nam are made as follows:

  • Regular AIP Amendment (AIP AMDT), issued in accordance with the established regular interval (on 28 FEB; 30 APR; 30 JUN; 31 AUG; 31 OCT).
  • AIRAC AIP Amendment (AIRAC AIP AMDT) if any.

If you need printable version of AMDT, either click on “PDF” on the top left corner or click on the equivalent .pdf file in the “Description”.