NOTAM contains information concerning the establishment, condition or change in any aeronautical facility, service, procedure or hazard, the timely knowledge of which is essential for personnel concerned with flight operations.

Viet Nam's NOTAM are originated and issued for Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh FIRs and are distributed in three series identified by the letters A, C and J:

  • Series A - NOTAM contains full information on all aerodromes/heliports, facilities and procedures availble for use in international civil aviation;
  • Series C - NOTAM contains information of concerned national flight operations and given national distribution only.
  • Series J - NOTAM contains information of concern to Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) Prediction in Viet Nam and is given selected international and national distribution.

Currently, the International NOTAM Office (NOF) is responsible for processing and updating NOTAM database. In addition, the NOF also exchanges NOTAMs with more than other 60 international NOFs.

To gain more information on Viet Nam’s NOTAM or propose NOTAM exchange, please contact:


No. 5/200, Nguyen Son Street, Bo De Ward, Long Bien District, Ho Noi City
Phone: +84-4-38720619
Fax: +84-4-38728781