A pre-flight information bulletins (PIB) recapitulates current NOTAM information and other information of urgent character prepared based on the route stages originating at the departure aerodrome to the first landing aerodrome. Selected NOTAM relates to information on air routes; flight information regions; relating aerodromes and navigation warnings.

The supplementary information relating to the departure aerodrome shall be made available to flight crews, including:

  • Construction or maintenance work on or immediately adjacent to the manoeuvring area;

  • Rough portions of any part of the manoeuvring area, whether marked or not, e.g. broken parts of the surface of runways and taxiways;

  • Presence and depth of snow, ice or water on runways and taxiways, including their effect on surface friction;

  • Snow drifted or piled on or adjacent to runways or taxiways;

  • Parked aircraft or other objects on or immediately adjacent to taxiways;

  • Presence of birds constituting a potential hazard to aircraft operations;

  • Failure or irregular operation of part or all of the aerodrome lighting system including approach, threshold, runway, taxiway, obstruction and manoeuvring area unserviceability lights and aerodrome power supply;

  • Failure, irregular operation and changes in the operational status of ILS (including marker navigation aid), GNSS, SBAS, SRE, PAR, DME, SSR, VOR, NDB, VHF aeromobile channels, RVR observing system, and secondary power supply; and

  • Presence and operation of humanitarian relief missions together with any associated procedures and/or limitations applied thereof.

Currently, pre-flight information is made available at each aerodrome AIS units.
To create a variety of PIB (Aerodrome PIB, Area PIB, En-route PIB , Narrow Route PIB), please access CADAS-ATS Application of the Automated AIS System with User name and password required.