Introduction of SMS Unit

The SMS Team has been established under the Decision No. 3072/QĐ-QLB dated August 20th 2013 by VATM’s General Director.


On September 06th 2013, the Director of Viet Nam Aeronautical Information Centre (VNAIC) appointed five persons working at VNAIC to become members of this Unit.

This Unit supports the leadership of VNAIC in the field of aviation safety and security.

The SMS Unit is in charge of collecting safety information from sources inside and outside the Center; efficiently setting-up and managing safety data, information and dossiers; analyzing and assessing safety information; identifying potential risks and implementing measures to minimize safety risks; proposing and  setting-up internal safety performance indicators.

Besides, the SMS Unit also participates in supervising and assessing safety implementation; safety investigation when requested; setting-up training programs on safety, safety standards for specific groups of staff; implementing periodic and un-scheduled safety reports as well as incident reports prescribed by the VATM and the Centre.

Although the SMS Unit was established recently, it finished compiling "SMS Operational Manual", completing safety report procedure and coordinating to conduct basic training programs on safety management systems and implement periodic safety inspection of specialize divisions internally.

The SMS Unit has contributed to raising VNAIC staff’s awareness on aviation safety and ensuring safety on providing Aeronautical Information Service.

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