Introduction of Technical Maintenance Division

The Technical Maintenance Division was formally established under the Decision No.48/QĐ-HĐTV dated September 22nd, 2010 by VATM’s Members’ Councils.

The Technical Maintenance Division is in charge of managing, exploiting and maintaining the Automated AIS system and other technical equipment of VNAIC.


The Division’s main duty is to ensure the stable operation of the Automated AIS system as well as to manage and maintain other technical system belonging to VNAIC; propose the technical development plans of the Centre; take part in signing the mutual agreements on ensuring the technical maintenance with the related agencies and units. In addition, the Technical Maintenance Division also participates in compiling operational procedures and manuals; manages inventories and spare parts in accordance with the Centre’s regulations and propose the unit price of products and services as requested.

By the end of May 2016 the Technical Maintenance Division consists of 19 members. Thanks to a young team with full of energy under the direction of leadership with intensive experiences; the Division has been honored to many awards.

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