Introduction of AIP Division

The AIP Division, previously named as AIP and Map/Chart Division, has been established under the Decision No.1480/QĐ-HĐQT dated  May 20th 2009 by VATM’s Board of Management.

On October 24th 2011, the AIP Division was formally established under the Decision No. 559/QD-HDTV dated  October 14th 2011 by VATM’s Members’ Councils, as separated from the AIP and Map/Chart Division.

The AIP Division is in charge of collecting, validating, processing information; editing textual part; printing and distributing aeronautical publications (in both paper and electronic format) including: AIP, AIP Amendment, AIP Supplement, Aeronautical Information Circular and List of valid NOTAM. These products are compiled directly on the automated AIS system and uploaded on the Documentation Service application.

Besides, the AIP Division stores, updates documents related to aeronautical information service, researches the domestic and international aeronautical publications received in order to choose the related publications and send to units providing aeronautical information service, other agencies and units related to flight operations.

Moreover, the AIP Division participates in managing, guiding operational skills and providing operational assistance to all workstations of the automated AIS system; compiling operational procedures and manuals; signing agreements on the provision of aeronautical information service with the air traffic service providers and domestic/oversea agencies; proposing the unit price of aeronautical information products and revenues from provision of aeronautical information services.

In addition, the AIP Division is also responsible for exchanging and updating the ICAO documents and the international AIPs.


By JUN 2016 the AIP Division consists of 12 members. Thanks to a young team with full of energy, eagerness to learn under the direction of leadership with intensive experiences and dedication to the work, the AIP Divion has been honored to many awards.

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