The Circular on Aeronautical Map/Chart Regulations

The Circular No. 51/2012/TT-BGTVT dated December 20th, 2012 promulgated by the Ministry of Transport establishes the regulations on aeronautical map/chart, the management and usage of these maps/charts concerning the safety of air navigation.

As mentioned in the Circular, the aeronautical map/chart includes all information on map/chart functionality; appropriate information for each phase of a flight to ensure quick and safe operations of aircraft. The aeronautical map/chart design need to follow the human factor principles to facilitate the usage of these maps/charts. Besides, all information presented on map/chart is accurate, orderly, clear and easy to read in every normal condition.

The Circular includes 7 chapter, 173 items regulating the following details:

  • Designing, establishing aeronautical map/chart;
  • Aerodrome obstacle chart – type A, type B; aerodrome terrain and obstacle chart – ICAO (electronic); precision approach terrain chart;
  • Aerodrome chart such as aerodrome/heliport chart; aerodrome ground movement chart; aircraft parking/docking chart;
  • Standard departure chart – instrument; area chart; standard arrival chart – instrument; visual approach chart; ATC surveillance minimum altitude chart;
  • Aeronautical navigation chart such as enroute chart; world aeronautical chart; plotting chart – ICAO, electronic aeronautical chart display – ICAO.

Moreover, there are many terms in the field of aeronautical map/chart that is clearly defined.

This Circular will be effective from March 30th, 2013.