Introduction of VNAIC

VNAIC is established to provide Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) in accordance with ICAO standards and current regulations.

Viet Nam Aeronautical Information Center - VNAIC has been established under the Decision No.1480/QĐ-HĐQT dated May 20th 2009 by the Vietnam Air Navigation Corporation’s Board of Management. The initial personnel of the VNAIC came from the Project Management Unit of Aeronautical Information Service Automation, International NOTAM Office under the Air Traffic Coordination and Command Center and AIS unit at Tan Son Nhat International Airport under the Southern Air Traffic Management Company. Since being established, the VNAIC’s staff has been increased with experts from AIS-ATS Department under Vietnam Air Navigation Corporation as well as staff from other units.

 Under the Decision No.48/QĐ-HĐTV dated  September 22nd 2010 by the Vietnam Air Traffic Management Corporation’s Board of Member, the VNAIC became a dependently financial unit - a branch of VATM.

Implementing the Decision No. 176 / QĐ-HĐTV dated 21/04/2017 by the Vietnam Air Traffic Management Corporation’s Board of Member on approval of the project "Development of VNAIC up to 2020 toward 2030 ", accordingly ATS Reporting Office (ARO) - AIS units at Noi Bai, Da Nang, Cam Ranh International Airports and ARO unit at Tan Son Nhat International Airport were transferred from the Northern, Middle, Southern Region Air Traffic Services companies to VNAIC.

 Since July 01st 2017, the VNAIC’s function and mission are as follows: 

  • Providing Aeronautical Information Service and Air Traffic Service Reporting Office (ARO)Service at Tan Son Nhat, Noi Bai, Da Nang and Cam Ranh International Airports complied with ICAO standards and current regulations under Vietnam law; 
  • Consulting the Vietnam Air Traffic Management Corporation’s Board of Member and Director General on Aeronautical Information Service,  and flight procedure design; 
  • Managing, operating and organizing technical maintenance for assigned AIS units; 
  • Participating in airspace, ATS route and flight procedure design complied with ICAO standards and current regulations under Vietnam law and organizing, managing, operating related database; 
  • Signing agreements on providing and exchanging aeronautical information related to flight operation with aviation operators, international NOTAM offices, domestic and international airliners, airport authorities and other countries; with ATS, CNS, MET, SAR providers as well as domestic and international other related organizations; 
  • ·Establishing aeronautical information procedures, documents

and operational manuals of AIS/ARO/MAP/CHART/aeronautical database and flight procedure design units; 

  • Training to improve professional qualifications of the staff; 
  • Conducting produce, design, import and export, sales and doing business of products related to aeronautical information, map/chart, database. 
  • Managing, updating, operating electronic Terrain Obstacle Database accordance with ICAO standard. 

 Together with Air Traffic Service (ATS), Communication, Navigation, Surveillance Service (CNS), Aeronautical Meteorology Service (MET), Search and Rescue Service (SAR); Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) is one of five air navigation services provided by the Vietnam Air Traffic Management Corporation (VATM) to ensure the flow of aeronautical data/information necessary to flight operation.

 The AIS’s traditional products include: Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP); Amendment service to the AIP (AMDT); Supplement to the AIP (SUP); Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC); Notice to Airmen (NOTAM); Pre-flight Information Bulletins (PIB); Checklists and Lists of valid NOTAM; operational manuals, aeronautical charts and maps related to flight operation.

The ARO service’s products include: Flight Plan (FPL), messages relating to FPL such as LDA, DEP, DLA, CNL … messages.

 As of Jun 1st 2019, the VNAIC’s staff is 197 members. VNAIC’s headquarter, currently located at Building B, No 5/200 Nguyen Son street, Bo De ward, Long Bien district, Ha Noi.

The VNAIC’s organizational structure includes: Executive Board, 14 centre divisions as follow:

  • Division of AIP,
  • Division of Flight Procedure Design and Cartography,
  • International NOTAM Office,
  • Division of Technical Operation,
  • Tan Son NhatARO/AIS Centre,
  • Noi Bai ARO/AIS Centre,
  • Da Nang ARO/AIS Centre,
  • Cam Ranh ARO/AIS Centre,
  • Office of VNAIC,
  • Division of Planning,
  • Division of Personnel,
  • Division of Finance,
  • Division of Safety & Quality.
  • Division of AIS Operations.

Since January 15th 2013, the automated AIS system has been licensed to be officially put into operation by the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam. This state of the art system contributes to enhancing quality and economic effectiveness of AIS

Implementing both quality management system and safety management one has been specially paid attention and directed to deploy by leader of VNAIC since early established the Center.

January 2016, VNAIC has been honor to be achive Quality Management System Certificate for AIS and Filght Procedure complied with ISO 9001:2008 Standard accredited by Vietnam DAS Limited Company.

Implementing such system has contributed to ensuring quality of aeronauotical information/data in entire data chain; meeting quality requirement of aeronauotical information/data in terms of accuracy, resolution and integrity, data trace, effective time to exchange aeronauotical information/data according to roadmap of trasition to AIM from AIS and ASBU as required by ICAO and the global development trend.

 Since its establishment, VNAIC has significantly changed: from organisation, human resource, leaders to equipment system. Althouth labour force of VNAIC is youth, thanks to the interest and directrion of leader levels, VNAIC has well guaranteed the tasks of providing of AIS, constructing of flight procedure as well as specialist processes, documents; well ensured technical task for nation wide AIS system; sighed agreement documents on provision AIS and flight plan with airports belong to Vietnam Airports Corporation (ACV) and units  belong to VATM; exchanged publications with member stated of ICAO; provided ATS reporting service to domestic and international airlines from/to the international airports of Noi Bai, Da Nang, Cam Ranh and Tan Son Nhat in convenient and effective.

Being the youngest unit of VATM, it’s the Center’s honour to participate and contribute to the overall achievements of VATM in ensuring “Safety - Regulation - Efficiency” of flight operation.

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